Кодеки в Asterisk

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There are the follwing options:

  • Asterisk has unlimited G729/G723.1 codec support in pass-though mode. Path-though means both end must be same codec same protocol. So call like "H323 G729" <-> "SIP G723.1" will fail.
  • Asterisk has commercial support for G729 (http://www.digium.com/en/products/g729codec.php). This allows to use transcoding. So call like
    "ISDN-PRI G711 <> SIP G729" will work. Also call like "H323 GSM <> SIP G729" will also work.
  • Asterisk has free codec_g729.so and codec_g723.so that add full transcoding support. For example, call like "H323 G729 <-> SIP G723.1" will go. But using these files in commercial purpose is illegal.
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